Company name
Item inc.
Registered trademark
Company establishment
Japan Special Vehicles, Inc. (abbr. JSV) was established with Toshiro Tanoue being President
Representative Director
Toshiro Tanoue
10 million yen
Headquarters location
KT2 Building 1F, 1-3-9 Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047
TEL 03-6275-0841  FAX 03-6275-0843
Business purpose We provide safety products and services necessary for safe and comfortable social life, business operations, etc.
Business content
1. Import / export, manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, materials, equipment, supplies, pharmaceutical raw materials, sanitary raw materials, etc.
2. Pharmacy management (including wholesale, retail, specified sales, medical equipment rental)
3. Import / export, manufacture and sale of cosmetics, supplements, foods, liquor and miscellaneous goods
4. Import / export, manufacture, sale, leasing and rental of machinery, electronic equipment, materials and security equipment
5. Import / export, manufacture and sale of police / military equipment, fireworks, launch equipment, etc.
6. Inspection work (food, environment, radiation, drugs, poisons, pathogens, etc.)
7. Consultant services in security management, labor management, and overall management
8. All business incidental to each item

By selling special equipment, parts and materials for industrial safety, law enforcement and military purpose, we contribute to risk management such as crime prevention, security maintenance and so on.
We are aiming to manufacture products useful for administrators of important facilities, security Officers, police officers and JSDF (Japan Self Defense Fores) who are engaged in dangerous missions.
Our features
We are a trading company. It is our job to import good products (items) from all over the world and export good Japanese products (items) to the world.
April 1991 Established as a building work and special material sales business of DAIICHI Construction Co., Ltd. Representative Director Toshiro Tanoue
November 1995 Japan Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd./Abbreviation: Company name changed to JSV, Import and sale of armored vehicles, bulletproof and anti-explosion materials Started handling special materials such as bulletproof glass, special steel, ceramics, Kevlar, and Dyneema
  October 2009 Started domestic sales under the "STAT™" (non-pharmaceutical) "SECURICO" brand of substance abuse test kit. Mail order started at "Rakuten Ichiba"
  April 2014 Started sales as a domestic distributor of "Infrared image monitoring system" manufactured by HGH of France.
  July 2018 Company name changed to Item inc.
  November 2018 Sales of "Simple Drug Screening Kit M-STAT ™" (non-pharmaceutical) for emergency drug intoxication and unexplained consciousness disorder to confirm the appropriateness of treatment method selection and treatment policy
  April 2019 Sales of new coronavirus countermeasure products such as "new coronavirus disinfection / decontamination kit" and "new coronavirus antibody test kit (non-pharmaceutical)" due to the spread of new coronavirus infection
  January 2020 Obtained a patent for "acoustic bullet launch system" from the Japan Patent Office “” Patent "No. 6651671"
  December 2020 Opened "ITEMS ONLINE SHOP", a site dedicated to in-house mail order. Mizuho Factors, Limited Introduced credit card payment system
  January 2021 Moved the head office to 1-23 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku
  December 2021 Obtained "Pharmacy Opening Permission" (No. 0101210221: R3 / 12/28) April 2022 In April 2022, the head office was relocated to 1-3-9 Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Opened "Shusse-Fudo Pharmacy". "License for sales of highly managed medical equipment, etc." (No. 4501210290: R4 / 03/24)
Main Bank Mizuho Bank
Business partners Rakuten Co., Ltd. SG System Co., Ltd. Yamato Financial Co., Ltd. Mizuho Factors Co., Ltd.
Major customers (Company name omitted / honorific title omitted due to confidentiality obligation)
・ Airline company
・ Nuclear power related companies
・ Railway / bus company
・ Heavy equipment operator company
 ・ Security company
 ・ Professional sports league
 ・ Dispatched labor company
・ Public office / local government
・ Entertainment agency
・ Test certificate certifying zero tolerance (non-abuse of drugs required for US student visas)
Pharmaceutical sales license ・ Permit classification: “Pharmacy” General medicine (including specified sales)
・ Prescription medicine and medical narcotics
・ Pharmaceutical sales license number: No.0101210221
・ Issue date: December 28, 2021
・ sales license
・ Medical device sales permit license number: No. 4501210290
・ Store-name : “Shusse-Fudo Pharmacy”
・ Corporate name: ITEMS inc. Representative Director: Toshiro Tanoue
・ Store location : KT2 Building 1-3-9 Uchi --Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047 JAPAN
・“Shusse-Fudo” Pharmacy Phone (+81) 03-6811-7791 / Fax (+81) 03-6811-7792
・ ITEMS inc. Phone (+81) 03-6275-0841 / Fax (+81) 03-6275-0843
Member organization ・ASIS International
・General Incorporated Association Japan Security and Risk Management Academic Meeting

  Toll-free numbers for telephone inquiries 0120-353799