Drug of Abuse Screen Test Kit
In addition to Marijuana and stimulant drugs such drugs as antidepressants, antianxiety drugs, sleeping pills, analgesic drugs can be easily detected with urine or saliva. In the United States, pilots and other aviation personnel, train and bus drivers, military personnel, police officers, and others with important missions are screened on a regular and irregular basis.
High-performance portable metal detector
The perfect detector for body scanning. When scanning, in addition to the Indicator light, you can select Tone mode or Vibration mode. It reduces intimidation and discomfort and adapts to the forefront of any security.
New Coronavirus Antibody TestIng Kit
New Coronavirus Antibody TestIng Kit Newly Released !
The PCR method (Polymerase chain reaction ) has been used to test for new coronaviruses in Japan.
New Coronavirus Disinfection Kits
Decontamination kits to protect workplaces and families from new coronavirus infections. Can be used at public facilities, workplaces, offices, residences, etc.
In the case of coronavirus infection at your familiar place .....
Wide Area Monitoring System  An advanced automated surveillance system that collects heat distribution data covering the whole 360 degrees with an infrared scanner.   In case of intrusion detection Automatic detection, alert activation and auto-tracking to be made.
The detection range for human is 700 m to 8 km.